Supplemental Online Program Reviews

Let our researchers help you identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth in your K-12 supplemental online learning program

Get Feedback Tailored to Your Supplemental Online Learning Program

The Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute is now offering free supplemental online learning program reviews to Michigan K-12 schools. Conducted by our qualified researchers — using a survey instrument created in collaboration with the Education Development Center — these reviews present an opportunity for schools to:

  • Reflect on what’s working in their program and which areas could use improvement
  • Receive customized feedback and targeted resources related to their growth areas
  • Discuss their results with our researchers and ask questions tailored to their program’s needs

We provide Michigan schools with online program reviews and look forward to continuing these critical discussions with other schools this year.

Six Key Focus Areas

In developing our review process, we identified six key focus areas of successful supplemental online programs:

  • Content Procurement and Monitoring Practices
  • Instructor Training and/or Communication
  • Mentor Training and Student Support Techniques
  • Student Selection Processes
  • Parent Communication
  • Overall Program Evaluation

When we conduct a program review for your school, the final deliverable will be a report that includes written feedback on the strengths and opportunities for further development in your program in each of the areas of focus, as well as multiple resources within each focal area which you may leverage toward program improvement.

What do our reviews look like?

Our supplemental online learning program reviews are personalized to the needs of your school and your staff. Each review is conducted in three stages:

  1. In the first stage, your school will be asked to complete a web-based survey — created in collaboration with the Education Development Center — that collects information on the six key focus areas of successful supplemental online programs.
  2. In the second phase, our staff reviews the survey results, constructs custom questions for your school and conducts a one-hour interview with your school staff about the program.
  3. In the final stage, we write up a summary of your findings, along with resources and recommendations targeted specifically toward your school’s areas of improvement.

Your school will then be provided with one opportunity for review before our staff submits the final report to them. These results are personal and will not be available to anyone else.

Who’s eligible?

Any Michigan school with a K-12 supplemental online learning program is eligible for a free review by our highly-trained researchers! Whether you rely on a vendor to supply online courses to your students or have created your own homegrown online content, we’re happy to review your program.

We also offer supplemental online program reviews to schools outside of Michigan for a fee.

Why are we doing this?

Simply said, we are conducting free supplemental online program reviews to move forward the needle in student achievement in online learning. In 2016-17, our Michigan’s K-12 Virtual Learning Effectiveness Report found that the statewide virtual pass rate for online courses was 55 percent. This number suggests that there is room for improvement in our state’s digital classrooms.

How long will this process take?

In total, our review process takes between 4-6 weeks. The time commitment for schools, however, is minimal, requiring only a few hours to collect survey data, participate in an interview and review the final report. Get in touch with our staff using the form below if you’re interested in learning more!

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