Is online learning right for your child?

Not all online learning is created equal. The success of the student depends both on the individual’s situation and motivations, as well as the quality of the online learning program. The free guides below are designed to help parents and students determine whether online courses are a good option for them, as well as what they should expect from a quality online learning program.


Parent Guide

Parental involvement and support of online learners are extremely important. From determining if online learning is a good choice for your student to providing a space for studying at home to monitoring your student’s progress every week to communicating with the mentor, parents have a great impact on student success. See the Parent Guide to Online Learning for detailed information about online learning, the characteristics of a successful online learner, and how to prepare for learning online.

In the Parent Guide, you will find information about:

  • Online learning opportunities
  • Characteristics of a successful online learner
  • How to prepare for learning online
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Student Guide

Virtual learning is a great option for many students and can be a very effective way to learn. Because taking virtual courses is different from taking courses in a traditional face-to-face classroom, it’s good for students to know what courses will entail and what kind of support they’ll need to be successful. Research shows that students who are well prepared and well supported for this new experience do better in their classes.

In the Student Guide, students will find:

  • Questions to help students decide if online learning is right for them
  • Characteristics of successful online learners
  • Suggestions for how to prepare for learning online
  • Comments and advice from students about their experience with virtual classes
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Who Are We?

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