Section 21f

Section 21f of the State School Aid Act generated many requests for support. With input from MDE, MASSP, MEMSPA, MASA, MAISA, MASB, MACUL, Michigan ASCD, and REMC representatives, Michigan Virtual identified, developed, and collected practical resources to support schools as they implement expanded online learning options for students.

Section 21f Legislation

Section 21f of the State School Aid Act contains language that outlines rights and responsibilities for K-12 virtual learning.
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Section 21f Infographic

An infographic has been developed to provide a visual representation of the law.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has been developed to clarify the legislation.
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Implementation Guide

A guide is available that provides an overview of the policies found in Section 21f of the State School Aid Act, identifies basic implementation decisions schools need to explore, and offers informative scenarios.
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Pupil Accounting Manual

Pupil membership requirements and count procedures for virtual learning are documented in Section 5-O-D of the Pupil Accounting Manual (PAM).
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Role-Specific Guides

Additional guides have been developed specifically for students, parents, mentors, teachers, school board members, and administrators.
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Planning Guide for Online and Blended Learning

A comprehensive guide for educational leaders who are tasked with integrating online and blended learning planning into the larger school improvement planning effort is also available.
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District Policy Considerations

Thirteen essential questions school leaders may need to develop answers to in order to refine policy or create new administrative rules or procedures to fully implement virtual learning are suggested.
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Sample School Board Policies

Example language for virtual learning policies is provided to assist school boards in updating current policies to align with the legislative requirements.
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Sample Handbook Language

Example language for handbooks is provided to assist schools in updating current policies to align with the legislative requirements.
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Mentor Resources

Even though courses are taught online, having support in the school building is important. Mentors are employed by the local school and act as that on-site support to online learners.
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Sample Communications to Parents, School Personnel, and School Board Members

To help educate important stakeholders about virtual learning options, several draft letters have been developed.
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Sample Surveys

Short surveys for parents and students may help schools better gauge interest in virtual learning options.
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Sample Counselor Checklist

This resource contains a list of sample action items school counselors may want to consider as part of a planning checklist to manage student participation in online courses.
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Online Learner Readiness Rubric

Students vary in their readiness for virtual learning. The Online Learner Readiness Rubric helps evaluate a student’s preparedness for virtual learning on eight dimensions.
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Sample Student Interview for Online Learning

This resource contains sample interview questions to facilitate a discussion with a student about online learning.
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Sample Student and Parent Agreement

Some schools have found it valuable to help students and parents commit to behaviors that are linked to student success. This agreement can be modified to suit your needs and policies.
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Sample Section 21f Enrollment Request Form

To make it easier to receive and document virtual learning requests, schools may want to consider creating an online course enrollment request form.
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Resource List

A list of additional resources have been compiled for further reading.
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