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Parents, guardians, mentors, educators, students, school board members, and administrators can find helpful guides and resources to kick-start online education success.

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Free Online Learning Program Reviews

Looking for ways to enhance the effectiveness of your online learning program? We offer free reviews to Michigan K-12 schools with supplemental online learning programs (i.e. not full-time cyber schools). This opportunity allows districts to reflect on what’s working and what areas they could improve to advance their program’s effectiveness.

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Online Learning Orientation Tool

OLOT supports educators, mentors, parents, and students in understanding what online learning entails and introduces the skills and knowledge that are key to success.

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Implementation Guidelines

You can relax, we did the heavy lifting!
Here you will find an overview of the policies found in Section 21f of the State School Aid Act.

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Online Learner Readiness Rubric

Educators, parents, mentors and students, do you want to know which student may excel or struggle throughout their online courses?

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