Education Starts with Research
MVLRI’s research provides a foundation to examine, engage and explore educational practices in the industry.
MVLRI is dedicated to taking education techniques to the next level. We believe that with proper research, the ways we learn can continue to evolve to strengthen our futures.

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Report #4: Teaching Abstract Currently, many prospective teachers are enrolling in online courses offered through their universities as part of their initial preparation. The coursework in these teacher education programs at institutions of higher education may consist individual classes… Read more

Report #3: Courses Abstract Although students, including those with disabilities, may enroll in online courses because they perceive that such a course will meet their educational needs, those needs are not always met (Barbour, Archambault, & DiPietro, 2013). Consequences… Read more

Report #2: Programs Abstract Students and their parents may choose to enroll in online learning programs as supplemental support, a credit recovery option, or because they need the flexibility of a fully online program (Gemin, Pape, Vashaw, & Watson,… Read more

A Report to the Legislature addresses the requirements that are listed in Section 98 (6) of P.A. 249 of 2016. Download the Report

Report #1: Overview Abstract While many acknowledge that participation in virtual schooling holds considerable potential for increased access to different types of courses, credit recovery, and personalization, there is no guarantee that these benefits will be realized without careful… Read more

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