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MVLRI’s research provides a foundation to examine, engage and explore educational practices in the industry.
MVLRI is dedicated to taking education techniques to the next level. We believe that with proper research, the ways we learn can continue to evolve to strengthen our futures.

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Background Automatic grading is a pedagogical tool with the dual advantages of reducing teachers’ workloads and providing instant feedback to students, and has been used in many subjects, including computer science (Sherman, Bassil, Lipman, Tuck, & Martin, 2013), science… Read more

Introduction From kindergarten to high school learning, one of the largest potential factors impacting educational outcomes is how strongly a student is motivated and engaged in interactions with teachers in the classroom (Pianta, Hamre., & Allen, 2012). For instance,… Read more

Introduction Being a professional does not mean simply having a degree or completing a credentialing process. Rather a professional is being a part of symbolic community where language functions largely in recurrent activities to exchange and also develop meanings…. Read more

Past Reports  Public Awareness and Views of K-12 Online Learning in Michigan 2017 Public Awareness and Views of K-12 Online Learning in Michigan 2016 Public Awareness and Views of K-12 Online Learning in Michigan 2015 Public Awareness and Views… Read more

Table of Contents  Introduction Schools Courses Students State Assessments Maps Conclusion Appendix A – Methodology Appendix – B School Tables Table B1. 2017-18 Count and Pass Rate of K-12 Virtual Enrollments by Grade Level Table B2. 2017-18 Pass Rate… Read more

Introduction The field of online and blended learning has a rich history of pursuing personalized and competency-based education. As evidence, consider that at the time of writing this, iNACOL, a major advocacy organization in K-12 online and blended learning… Read more

Background Public Act 173 (Michigan Educator Evaluations At-A-Glance, 2015) states that a Professional Education Certificate will not be issued unless an individual was rated effective or highly effective on his/her annual year-end performance evaluations for three consecutive years preceding… Read more

Introduction More and more professional learning is being delivered online, allowing for self-paced, on-demand access to a wealth of online courses and resources. This is not without pitfalls; technological issues can also create barriers, such as the increased emphasis… Read more

Introduction Based on feedback from existing district partners, as well as a desire to better serve customers by continuously improving upon existing products and developing new ones, Michigan Virtual launched three new products and services in the 2017-18 year…. Read more

This report is being published simultaneously with another: Helping Online Students Be Successful: Student Perceptions of Online Teacher and On-site Mentor Facilitation Support.  While we had originally planned on publishing a single report, we found that the report was… Read more

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