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What if the best way to make decisions about education technology starts off with not thinking about technology at all? This is the approach the Fuse Architect project took as they began their work this past spring. Rather than jumping into product selection, Fuse Architect participants spent the first phase thinking much more… Read more

As the Highlander Institute embarks on its Fuse Architect initiative with NMEF, six LEAs and seven high schools, collaborations with external partners are in the forefront. In this blog, we highlight key partners working with Highlander Institute to help make the vision for student centered learning and integrated learning systems a reality for participating Rhode… Read more

How do you move from a vision for integrated learning systems to classrooms where multiple education technology (edtech) tools seamlessly work together to support student-centered learning? With a new award from NMEF, the Highlander Institute is tackling that question through a multi-phased project called Fuse Architect. To kickoff Fuse Architect, Highlander Institute rigorously vetted and selected… Read more

In the introductory episode of the Integrated Learning Systems Grant Initiative Webinar series, Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute,Highlander Institute, and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation discuss the details of the Integrated Learning Systems grant initiative which is focused on designing student-centered learning environments across Rhode Island.

At the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, we’re committed to creating more equitable and effective education systems — so that all New England students are ready for college and career. In our research, we’ve found that among New England high school students, roughly only half are ready for post-secondary education — meaning they can enter a… Read more

What is the formula for designing a statewide initiative to leverage technology for student-centered learning? Highlander Institute is testing out their plan for this over the next year and a half, thanks to the Nellie Mae Education Foundation’s (NMEF’s) Integrated Learning Systems grant. A nonprofit organization based in Providence, Rhode Island, Highlander Institute leverages innovative educational… Read more

Since 2010, the average pass rate for online courses in Michigan has hovered around 60 percent. Compared to the pass rate for traditional classrooms, this statistic has led some to condemn virtual schooling as a failed experiment. We know… Read more

How will the vision of student-centered learning become a reality? The Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF) sought to address a piece of the puzzle through their recent Integrated Learning Systems request for proposals. The implementation of student-centered learning requires fundamental changes away from traditional practices. It involves complex, data-intensive tasks like differentiating instruction for every student, ensuring… Read more

Rural Virtual Learning

Ripe Apples in Orchard ready for harvesting
picture of a Ripe Apples in Orchard ready for harvesting,Morning shot

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts written by Michigan Virtual’s Regional Mentor Leaders to bring to life what mentors do to build and maintain a supportive online learner environment to help students be successful. If you are a mentor and would like to share a strategy, a success story, or another topic that illustrates how you support students, please email [email protected]

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Richard Thompson is the Dean of Students and Director of Operations at Swartz Creek Academy. The Academy is an alternative education school in Swartz Creek, Michigan, that provides students an opportunity to earn their diplomas by taking courses in… Read more

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