A History of Supporting and Accelerating Learning

Each year MVLRI sets directives for researchers based on the previous year’s findings to further pinpoint areas of importance within the education industry.

MVLRI produces annual reports to document what was accomplished with funds received and detail the impact on online and blended learning environments in Michigan. Previous annual reports highlight the directives from that year:

Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute 2012-13 Annual Report

The 2012-13 legislative cycle was MVLRI’s first year in operation. The annual report included reports on the first annual Effectiveness Report as well as the Evaluation and Approval Constructs for Online and Blended Course Providers. Focused on quality assurance in K-12 online learning, MVLRI also published Mentor Fundamentals: A Guide for Mentoring Online Learners. This serves as one of the families of support guides offered to those who play a supporting role in the education of K-12 online learners. Additionally, during its first year in operation, MVLRI was awarded the iNACOL Innovator Award for Outstanding Research. A few of the MVLRI Fellows for 2012-13 included Arizona State University’s Dr. Leanna Archambault, Kent State University’s Dr. Rick Ferdig and TA Consulting’s Dr. Tom Clark.

Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute 2015-16 Annual Report

Projects from the 2015-16 MVLRI annual report ranged in topics from quality assurance metrics featuring Michigan case studies, national study of teacher education programs and their process for preparing teachers to teach in online and blended settings, as well as a review of the iNACOL standards for teachers, courses, and programs to examine whether or not they meet the needs of students with disabilities (to be published as a series of four reports: Introduction to the Series; Review of Online Program Standards; Review of Online Course Standards; and Review of Online Teaching Standards), to name a few.

A few of the Fellows for the 2015-16 legislative cycle included Dr. Susan Lowes from Columbia University’s Teachers College, Dr. Daryl Mellard from the Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities, Dr. Jacqueline Zweig and Erin Stafford from Education Development Center (EDC), and Dr. Barbara Treacy from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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