Month: April 2015

MVLRI’s Collaborative meetings are designed to bring researchers and practitioners together virtually in order to share opportunities for collaboration, including but not limited to research, grants, publications, presentations, as well as request critical feedback on current research. The Collaborative meetings are held quarterly, occurring in December/January (Winter), March/April (Spring), June/July (Summer), and September/October (Fall). Below… Read more

Students currently have an unprecedented level of choice when it comes to the courses they take and the subjects they learn in school. In Michigan, this is made evident by the goals of Section 21F of the State School Aid Act, which allows public school students in grades 6-12 to take up to two online… Read more

How do online schools and curriculum providers attend to the myriad needs of teachers, students, and staff? This constant juggling act requires skill, tact, and most of all, data. To cite one example, Scout from the University of California is busy determining the ideal length of our registration window. Scout students come from different middle… Read more

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