Games Used in K-12 Schools: A Research Perspective

posted on February 28, 2017

One of the threads in research for technology integration literature is the need to create more authentic and engaging learning experiences in schools. One way to do this is through the use of games.

Research has been conducted on the best practices and use of games in the K-12 face-to-face classroom. Simulations are one of the most popular game genres used in the traditional brick and mortar classroom, along with role playing games. Serious games (games that are used for learning) have been implemented for the promotion of knowledge acquisition across a diverse span of academic content areas and, to a lesser degree, skill, social skill acquisition, and behavior change.

Although we know some best practices about how to use games in education in general, there is little research that has distinguished the research by the age of the participant with a focus on K-12 students.

This report provides an overview of the literature on the use of digital games in education with a focus on K-12 students and will provide practical recommendations on the use of specific games, game genres, and categories.

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  • Games Used in K-12 Schools: A Research Perspective

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