Exploring the Use of Data in K-12 Online Educational Settings: Research from the Field – iNACOL Symposium (11/6/2014)

posted on November 12, 2014

This expert panel examines ways that data is being used to drive decision-making in online/blended contexts. Panelists will share research related to mandatory testing in an online setting, the use of statewide longitudinal data system, the use of the ESPRI instrument, and policy implications nationwide. Included on the panel are representatives from Orange County Virtual School, Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute, Evergreen Education Group, and Grand Valley State University.

Leanna Archambault, Associate Professor, Arizona State University, MVLRI Fellow; Justin Bruno, MVLRI; Elena Geiser Hogan, Virtual Instructor, Orange County Public Schools; John Watson, CEO, Evergreen Education Group; and Jason Siko, Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University

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