Developing Supports for Blended Learning Teachers: New Competencies – iNACOL Symposium (11/5/2014)

posted on November 12, 2014

New blended learning school models are integrating great teaching with technology to change the ways in which adults and students work together. While much of what makes practitioners effective in traditional environments remains the same (for example, content knowledge and pedagogy), the shift to blended learning also creates new demands on teachers as they take on new, dynamic, and collaborative roles to implement these new approaches. In this session, participants will explore both what these new competencies are as well as how different organizations are taking on the challenge of developing supports for teachers to move towards using blended learning in their schools.

Allison Powell, Vice President for State and District Services, iNACOL; Beth Rabbit, Partner, The Learning Accelerator; and Kathryn Kennedy, MVLRI

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