About Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute

In 2012, the Governor and Michigan Legislature passed legislation requiring the Michigan Virtual University® (MVU®) to establish a center for online learning research and innovation, and through this center, directed MVU to work on a variety of projects. The center, now formally known as the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute™ (MVLRI™), is a natural extension of the work of MVU.

Established in 1998, MVU’s mission is to advance K-12 education through digital learning, research, innovation, policy and partnerships. Toward that end, the core strategies of MVLRI are:

Research — Expand the K-12 online and blended learning knowledge base through high quality, high-impact research;

Policy — Inform local, state and national public education policy strategies that reinforce and support online and blended learning opportunities for the K-12 community;

Innovation — Experiment with new technologies and online learning models to foster expanded learning opportunities for K-12 students; and

Networks — Develop human and web-based applications and infrastructures for sharing information and implementing K-12 online and blended learning best practices.

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