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The goal of the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute™ (MVLRI™) is to expand Michigan’s capacity to support new learning models, engage in active research to inform new policies in online and blended learning, and strengthen the state’s infrastructures for sharing best practices.

MVLRI also joins iNACOL in managing the Research Clearinghouse for K-12 Blended & Online Learning and supporting Michigan's Online Course Catalog and the Online Learning Orientation Tool.

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Transforming Rural K-12 Education Through Blended Learning: Student Perspectives

Transforming Rural K-12 Education Through Blended Learning: Student Perspectives

The Transforming Rural K-12 Education Through Blended Learning study provides a perspective of rural students who have engaged in a variety of forms of blended learning. Their perception is valuable to teachers and administrators who might currently be teaching a blended learning course or considering the option of teaching such a course.

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Michigan's K-12 Virtual Learning Effectiveness Report 2014-15

Public Act 85 of 2015 requires MVU to submit to the House and Senate appropriations subcommittees on state school aid, the state budget director, the House and Senate fiscal agencies, and the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) a report highlighting virtual enrollment totals, completion rates and the overall impact of virtual learning on Michigan K-12 pupils.

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Public Awareness and Views of K-12 Online Learning in Michigan 2015

From Aug. 20-Aug. 24, 2015, Public Sector Consultants, Inc. (PSC), conducted a telephone poll with 800 adult residents of Michigan to obtain their opinions about online learning opportunities for public school students in Michigan.

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posted by MVLRI on August 22, 2016

The use of educational technology appears to be a method to prevent students from leaving school.

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